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Business Search

If your investigations have you looking for information on a business, our newly updated business search can provide the information you need. All that is needed is a Company Name or Officer Name to conduct your search. Our database contains records that encompass businesses located in the U.S with no restrictions on industry.

Our Business Reports may include:

Executive Name Year Established
Sales Volume
Company Address Employee size
Phone North American Industry Classification (NAIC)
Fax Standard Industrial Classification (SIC)
Line of business


Business on the Web

Conduct a web search directly from the LP Police platform. Search by Business Name, Officer’s First Name, Officer’s Last Name, City or State to find information on that business from all over the web.

Business BLJ’s

Search through Bankruptcy, Lien and Judgment records on any business, small or large – all you need is a business name to get started.

Results can include:

Filing Type Case Number
Filing Date
Information on the Plaintiff
Filing Location and more
Lien Amount