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A name can conceal a great deal of information.
With LocatePLUS’ person search, a name becomes
an instant link to past addresses, known relatives
and associates, vehicles, and civil records.
Uncover a name, DOB, SSN, aliases & phone numbers. link
Cell phones, unlisted, and unpublished numbers are no longer a string of ten digits that hamper your investigation. You can now turn those same ten digits into a name, address, and service provider. link
Determining an individual’s current whereabouts or finding assets is no easy task. At LocatePLUS we understand that the past often holds the key to the present link
LocatePLUS provides you with the all of the latest judicial records. We offer an online instant court records search as well as access to offline civil court records. link
Our professional license information provides supplemental data to our person search reports, truly giving you a complete profile of your subject. link
If your investigations have you looking for information on a business, our newly updated business search can provide the information you need. Search by company or officer name. link